A relatively untouched part of Sikkim where you can spend a few days exploring the hills and the forest nearby

A peaceful town at an altitude of 9,000 ft.  The majestic himalayas are quite the sight from here. If you are lucky and there is a clear night sky, the milky way is easily visible.

At 17,000 ft high, this lake is frozen for many months of the year. Spend a few hours near the lake – this is the highest altitude you will head up to on your trip.

Head further north towards the border with China, to the town of Yumthang and to Zero point. These are both high altitude towns. Yumthang is often referred to as the valley of flowers.

The capital of Sikkim, a quaint hill town that has a lovely mix of traditional houses, new architecture, wonderful views of the hills and great local food!

A border town between India and China and once a major trade route – Nathula is a snow covered town with winding roads and misty skies. Tsangmo lake is on your way to Nathula