Khonoma has traditionally been a warrior village with a proud history of battle prowess. Our guides will advise you on local traditions and customs while taking a tour of the village.
The village has beautiful terraced farms on one side and an Alder wood forest on the other.

The political capital of Nagaland and also the site of one of World War II’s most treacherous battles that shaped the history of the world.

Dzukou valley is a high altitude valley that has lush green rolling hills.  The valley has streams that freeze over in winter and lilies that bloom in the monsoon.

A Chakhesang tribe village that has the largest number of traditional houses in this region.  It also has Kapamodzu peak that offers a stunning view of the hills nearby

A Chakhesang village that is famous for its songs and dances and also for retaining a lot of its rich past.