Cherrapunji is considered as one of the wettest places in the world.  The geography of the region is spectacular and is speckled with high waterfalls and streams.  About 2 hours of a drive away from Shillong, the town offers some breathtaking views and some interesting treks.

This is not an easy trek. It is approximately 3,500 steps each way – starting with the descent. The living root bridges are rubber trees whose roots have been guided across a stream or river by the locals. It takes about 70 years for the roots to be strong enough to handle the weight of humans. This root bridge has two levels and a third one is being constructed at present.

Once considered Asia’s cleanest village, this is a great example of how a community can get together, achieve and maintain a standard of cleanliness and hygiene that overshadows any similar efforts in other parts of the country.

Dawki is a border town between India and Bangladesh. The river Umngot flows through this town and into Bangladesh. The river is famous for having crystal clear waters in the winters.

The capital of Meghalaya and a hill station that is known for its beauty and music, among other things.