Conquering Dzukou Valley

Conquering Dzukou Valley! — Michelle Sumi Hesso

Hosting my friends – Anoosha from Mumbai and Trilokesh from Chennai – visiting Nagaland for the first time for the Hornbill Festival, 2014; I had planned a daily itinerary for their stay and a trek to Dzukou Valley was one of them. Although I hail from the state of Nagaland, I had never trekked to Dzukou myself, and took this as an opportunity to do something new with my friends.


Even as the plan for this trek was being discussed, I had no idea how to get there and how to plan this trek! So I got in touch with Rohan from The India Trail, who was extremely helpful (of course), and he arranged for one of their guides to accompany us.  Initial communication with the guide was established and the much-awaited trek was scheduled for the 6th of December, 2014.  The guide had advised us to opt for a gypsy for the trek as the initial distance had to be covered on a vehicle till Viswema Village.


On the morning of 6th December, we woke up at 5:00 am, prepared a meal and packed it for the trek later.   Read more